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Business Visa :

As an applicant, you will be required to invest a prescribed financial capital contribution.To invest in or open a business in South Africa you will need to, along with Form BI-1738, submit a certificate issued by a chartered accountant registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants to the effect that you have: 

  • At least an amount in cash to be invested in the Republic as determined from time to time by the Minister, after consultation with the Minister of Trade and Industry or 

  • At least an amount in cash and a capital contribution as determined from time to time by the Minister, is available. 

  • An undertaking by the applicant that at least 60% of the total staff complement to be employed in the operations shall be South African Citizens or permanent residents, permanently employed in various positions. 

  • An undertaking to register with:
    • The South African Revenue Service
    • Unemployment Insurance Fund
    • Compensation Fund for Occupational Injuries
    • Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission, where legally required and
    • Relevant professional body, board or council recognized by SAQA, where applicable.
  • A police clearance certificate from each country where you resided since the age of 18 years, including the Republic of South Africa 
A letter of recommendation from the Department of Trade and Industry regarding – 

    • the feasibility of the business
    • and the contribution to the national interest of the Republic.
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate if you have travelled or intend travelling through a yellow fever endemic area 
Medical and radiology reports

The capital requirements above may be reduced or waived in respect of the following types of industries/businesses:

  • Information and Communication Technology

  • Clothing and textile manufacturing
Chemicals and bio-technology 

  • Agro-processing 
Metals and minerals refinement
Automotive manufacturing

 Business Visa applications made for existing businesses require the following documents (in addition to all those listed above) to be submitted with the temporary residence application form: 

  • Financial statements for the preceding financial year 

  • The contribution to the national interest of the Republic